Why You Need A Website?

February 18, 2022

One question we’ve been asked multiple times by professionals is, “Do I really need a website if I already have a Facebook page?”


No matter how amazing your Facebook page is but having a website will always be beneficial for your business, Here are 6 reasons why we think you need a website, even if you have a Facebook page

Branding & Professionalis.

Facebook is essentially a template. Branding-wise, you’re pretty much limited to your profile picture, cover photo (which has its own rules on what can and can’t go on it), apps, and Milestones (which are purely event-based).

We’ve always believed that a website is “your front door online.” It’s a great place to show who you really are as a brand, and you get much more control over what impression you give first-time user when you have a proper website.

Owning a website also shows professionalism and credibility. True, Facebook is free – but do you really want to be known as the business who is too cheap to build a website?

SEO & Searchability

Your customers probably don’t know your business name before they find you. They will probably do a Google search on your business type (e.g., real estate firm in Delhi) and then click through the results that pop up on the first page list. Although Google and other search engines do index Facebook pages, a website lets you tailor your SEO settings more specifically which makes you easier to find.


If you only have a Facebook page and your competitor has both, chances are potential your customers will choose your competitor. It all goes back to credibility and professionalism. Plus, imagine if your competitor’s ad pops up on your Facebook page

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you can make your website serve your specific needs in a way that Facebook can never do for you. If you’re going to invest time into building an online presence, we strongly recommend you do it right from the start! Thanks

You Don’t (and Can’t) Own Facebook

Another downside to Facebook being free is you don’t own it. What if Facebook suddenly decides it no longer wants to support businesses? Goodbye, Facebook page!

Obviously, we don’t anticipate Facebook will shut down its business pages anytime soon, but the reality is that you have no control over what changes they implement. Think back to when Facebook first switched to the new business page timeline model. Remember that Welcome tab you spent so much time and effort on? Thousands of businesses had to scramble around and update their page to accommodate the new layout

By building your own website, you ensure a complete control over how it looks, what it does, and where it goes, along with everything else inside it.

Limited Features

Facebook is also limited when it comes to sharing businesses information. The provided About page is quite restricted. If you wanted to set up separate information pages for services, pricing, team members and many more then you will likely have to create a separate app for each one. It won’t be free and it won’t be easy, so you might as well build a website!

Limited Accessibility

Not everyone in your target market is necessarily on Facebook! Even if they were, they’d still need to Like your page. Even if they did Like your page, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will see your updates, since organic reach of Facebook pages has decreased substantially in recent months.

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Kinga Dominika Nowak

February 18, 2022

"Eternity Global Technology has been exactly what we needed - a true extension of our IT department. They are all in - sleeves rolled up - to tackle each challenge and opportunity as it arises and we could not have gotten through our move or MPLS implementation without them."

Aaditya Sharma

February 18, 2022

"Eternity Global Technology was right on top of our power outage and contacted me immediately to let me know they were monitoring the situation and would inform me of any further details they could obtain. Thankfully, the outage was short-lived... but it's great to know Eternity Global Technology is not only our behind-the-scenes partner, but right there with us when needed. Thank you."

John Smith

February 18, 2022

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