How Website Redesigning Is Essential For Your Business Growth

February 18, 2022

Your site is often the first point of contact for prospective customers or partners. No one wants to invest in something that feels dated, so this is the point when people decide whether the products or services are worthy to spend their time or money on it. Therefore, it is more important than ever to keep your website unique and up-to-date to make sure you are leaving the right impression. Read on to understand when a business need website redesigning and how it can be beneficial for your business.


How often should a website be revamped?

Although minor updating can keep your website interesting, a complete overhaul is necessary once in a while. It is observed that the ideal time to revamp a website is every two to three years. Usually, new UX principles have been developed in that time, consumer demand has changed, or your brand has undergone some changes. All these are grounds to review the goals and experience of your website.

When does your business need website redesigning?

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to think about revamping your website:

1. Website doesn’t live up to the expectations.

First and foremost, the website does not live up to expectations! Yes, this is the most apparent reason for you to consider changing your website. You may think your website looks excellent and everything is running well, but do you see the results you hoped for? Are you able to achieve your desired conversion rates, sales, or other objectives? If not, it is not operating effectively and it might be time to make some changes!

The primary goal here would be to determine what is wrong with the website and why it isn’t engaging well with your visitors. You can start by looking at the conversion rate and the ratio of visitors to leads to see what went wrong. You should also monitor visitor behaviour on your website by observing the sections that grab their attention for longer periods of time and the sections they are skimming past quickly.

Additionally, keep an eye on whether the landing page of your website is inviting enough to persuade users to visit the site subsequently or not. Because this is where visitors decide whether or not to continue using your website, the landing page is crucial.

2. Content plan needs some work.

As can be observed, today’s sales and conversions depend heavily on content. Additionally, content can aid in improving a website’s position in search engine results. Therefore, every marketer today requires a smart content strategy that prioritizes diversity and quality over quantity. And because it hosts the content, the website has a significant role.

Therefore, it is advisable to restructure your website to accommodate the new content, especially if you are transforming your content strategy significantly. Even high-quality information would be useless if no one can access it. Therefore, the content needs to be discoverable by search engines through indexing and effective implementation of SEO strategies.

3. Website no longer represents the brand accurately.

A crucial justification for website revamping, there is no question that your website is useless if it does not effectively represent your business, convey a strong brand image, and capture the soul of your brand. Leveling the playing field requires small businesses and entrepreneurs to stand out among their more established rivals, which can only be done with a better brand image. Therefore, now is the time to come up and update your website.

4. Website has outdated third-party tools.

Websites increasingly use third-party solutions that enable businesses to add new functionality to their platforms, most frequently WordPress sites. These well-liked resources include scripts for integrating eCommerce plugins, social media feeds, and exit-intent popups. But what happens if they eventually stop being helpful and start to cause more harm than good? If the case is that third-party tools are no longer adding value to your website performance, it is essential to upgrade the outdated tools to improve audience engagement and sales.

5. Unresponsive website that is losing smartphone users.

The age of responsive websites is now. In the current digital-driven market, it has now become of utmost crucial to have a website design that is adaptable to all devices. So, if your website analysis shows that a sizeable portion of your website traffic comes from smartphone users, it’s high time that you switch to a responsive design.

People nowadays hardly use desktop computers to shop online. Therefore, it is likely that your website visitors make use of a variety of mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. A responsive web design offers an excellent user experience and allows users to quickly explore your website across all these distinctive devices. Additionally, Google, through its Mobile-Friendly Test, is now letting users know whether or not your website is responsive or, more specifically, mobile-friendly.

If your website is not mobile-friendly and is also seeing a more significant bounce rate than usual, it signifies that you are losing a substantial chunk of your traffic. You will lose out on crucial leads immediately, impacting your bottom line. Your credibility, lead generation, click-through rate, and revenues will all inevitably be impacted. So, a successful website redesign will take care of this problem; lowering your bounce rate, and boosting conversions.

6. Website loading time exceeds three seconds.

Run your site through any of the speed testing tools to determine the website loading time. If it takes longer than three seconds, now is an as good time as any to optimize its speed. As per 2016 Google research, 53 percent of mobile visitors leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Moreover, as per a 2019 research study by Portent, the website conversion rates drop by 4.42 percent with each additional second that the website takes to load its page. In a nutshell, it won’t matter if your products, services, and website content are fantastic in the end, a slow website may ultimately be the downfall of your otherwise amazing business website.

7. Website is generating low returns and high bounce rates.

Does your website traffic keep on diminishing while your bounce rate seems to be on a rise? Is your conversion almost null? There are times when even if you have invested lakhs in website development, it doesn’t seem to yield any significant results. In this situation, revamping a website is the solution. Get started on your website analysis, monitor the key areas that require improvements, and start revamping!

8. Benefits of Updating Your Website

1. Long-term more cost-effective

A complete redesign enables you to get it right from the outset rather than spending money on temporary or band-aid fixes. Spend time auditing your current website and looking for ways to enhance the usability and user experience. Conversions and income may rise as a result.

2. A unified brand identity

A lone individual rarely manages a website. Even if they are, it’s still uncommon for updates to maintain consistency with your brand’s identity over months or years. A website redesign allows you to stand back and ensure your brand is presenting itself in a unified manner.

3. Enhanced website performance and SEO

Website redesigns are an ideal moment to add relevant SEO keywords to improve site performance. Just like when you review your brand identity, ensure the information on your website corresponds to what users are looking for and that they are able to discover your website through the optimized content.

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